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At Antarc we love fresh ideas that inspire you to create remarkable yet functional work spaces here are our newly stocked pieces to get you creatively inspired.

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At Antarc we believe in great value without breaking the bank, here are some on sale/ value plus items to keep you motivated to shop with us

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Workspaces Inspiration

At Antarc creativity coupled with unique design is part of our mission, get inspired with our unique worspace solution with modern touches that evolutionize the workspace

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Your Workspace

Your workspace is where your dreams are made to come true, every aspiration you hold comes to reality from your workspace.

At Antarc we believe that your most aspiring space after home should be the workspace as this is where you spend most of your time and develop great ideas, innovations, and some of the greatest bonds, relations and achievements all come from the workspace so why don’t give your workspace that extra special care and feel.

A workspace differs for all and one needs to consider the environment, the type of work you carry out and the type of people who work for you. In the case of a workspace one size doesn’t fit all, it needs to be modified for your requirement.

Antarc’s inspiration centers are designed for you to come and create your workspaces, come play with colours, designs, sizes and different concepts which shall assist you to create your spaces

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Moscato Stationery Chair

Item No. HL36
Ksh153,242.10 Add to cart
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At Antarc you can enjoy the lego play for your workspaces by creating a design of your choice through colours, shapes, sizes and various accessories to make your workspace a special place for you