Beauty Of Nature


Beauty of Nature collection made by Kaczkan represents the most traditional European look of engineered wood flooring. The 3-layer construction features the top layer of oak wood finished by oil and lacquer coatings hardened by UV light. Thanks to the finishing process, our engineered wood flooring has a classic look and naturally warm feel. Both oil and lacquer finishes enhance the original wood structure and unique character of each board.


Engineered wood flooring from Beauty of Nature collection is a pre-finished product. That means that you can install it right away and there are no additional finishing works needed. The coating is one of the most important elements of engineered wood flooring. Kaczkan uses high-quality finishes from Germany and the UK. These oils and lacquers penetrate throughout the oak top layer to give it a deep and long-lasting color that is reinforced by UV light. Both finishes are easy to maintain with sweeping and vacuuming as basic daily jobs. Cleaning your engineered wood flooring with a dedicated soap that contains oil particles will create an additional protective layer. For any minor scratches, you can use a hand-rubbed oil/lacquer. All oils and lacquers used by Kaczkan are of the highest quality. They give the wood a very desirable matt finish, meet all international standards for slipperiness (R9 & R10) and are characterized by low VOC emissions. That last feature makes it a perfect solution for children and people who love to walk barefoot.


Beauty of Nature color palette features various different shades that would work with every interior style

  • Light and delicate Alaska Oak
  • More modern greyish tones of Grey Shadow Oak, Grey Moon Oak, and Grey Pearl Oak
  • Rustic and raw Natural Oak and Whisky Oak
  • Aromatic and elegant Coffee Oak
  • Trendy Sahara Oak with visible white pores
  • Warm and cozy Arizona Wave Oak


Beauty of Nature collection features wide and long planks however, the above colors are also available in more design-oriented formats such as herringbone and chevron. Antarc can offer full customization according to customers’ specific needs.

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