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Hospital 1

For large healthcare projects, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Intensive care and operating rooms require static-control flooring; common areas and corridors must withstand heavy traffic; conference rooms need flooring that contributes to acoustic performance. Tarkett is able to offer various products to meet the hospital’s multiple needs such as iQ Granit, iQ Eminent, iQ Toro SC and more.


Colours, light, and contrasts contribute to the well-being and safety of Alzheimer’s patients. Tarkett has conducted an extensive study among medical doctors and Alzheimer specialists to understand how flooring influences patient behaviour and mood in medical facilities.


In addition to ergonomic environments conducive to healing, Tarkett solutions offer top indoor air quality and hygiene, and provide walking, rolling and acoustic comfort. iQ One is a new generation of homogeneous non-PVC flooring that contains no plasticizers.

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