Current Trends


One of the most popular trends in interior design that has been very close to homeowners for many years is the usage of engineered wood flooring. Nowadays, that trend is also transcending into public spaces. For a very long period of time engineered wood flooring has been mostly used in private homes or apartments. Users wanted to give their space a warm, comfy and intimate feel. On the other hand, most of the public and commercial spaces like offices, libraries, hotels, banks or restaurants have been filled with more sturdy but also less aesthetic flooring solutions such as concrete, tiles or stone. Increasing competition and higher consumer demands have changed that pattern and encourage developers or public and commercial property owners to follow the new trends in interior design.


Growing amount of public spaces forces more diversity. Areas become more personalized and owners try to be as close to their clients as possible and offer them a way to comfortably spend their time. Very good service is important but so is original concept of interior design. Using wood elements in public and commercial spaces to make them “have soul” is a natural path. Wood is a symbol of elegance, comfort and opening for the nature and respecting its laws. Engineered wood flooring has become a widely used solution in hotels or high-end restaurants to achieve a very prestigious look. Unique characteristics of engineered wood flooring makes it a fairly easy material to use in various interior design styles and arrangements.


Using wood elements in public spaces is not only limited to floors. Fashionable and stylish restaurants use engineered wood flooring as wall paneling or even ceilings elements. What allows engineered wood flooring to be used in so many aspects of public areas is the advancement in production technology. Currently, there is a lot of possibilities from different colors to various patterns and formats. Additionally, modern coating technology allows engineered wood flooring to be used in areas with heavier traffic.

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