Grandma’s Cleaning Tricks for your Clothes and Vinyl Wood Flooring

Colorful Kid’s Drawings on the Floor

If you happen to have a waterproof flooring, you can just simply use a cloth and some rice water to clean the floor.   

Lipstick Stains on your Clothes

Use a clean cloth with sparkling water to remove lipstick stains from your shirts.

Nail Polish on the Floor

Acetone or denatured alcohol are 2 effective ways to get rid of the nail polish stain, it’s safe for your waterproof flooring too.

Yellow-white shirt back to white good as new

Soak the clothes in rice water with orange peel, this trick will easily bring the whiteness back to your cloths, as good as new.

Candle wax on the Floor

Carefully scrape the candle wax by a plastic scraper.

Sticky Gum on your Clothes

Pack your clothes in a plastic bag, put in fridge until the chewing gum becomes hard, then take them out and gently massage it, the chewing gum will fall off.

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