Herringbone is back Again


Engineered wood flooring installed in the form of herringbone has made a huge comeback in the recent years. This solution, considered outdated for many people is no widely used by architects, designers and investors. The most unique thing about herringbone engineered wood flooring is that it fits perfectly to both classic and more modern interiors. Various finishes, often additionally enhanced by brushed surface and micro bevel, can create a very distinguish space.Herringbone is a very elegant pattern. No matter what kind of space you are dealing with it will take it to the next level and make it fancy and luxurious.


The most common way of laying down herringbone is a 90 degree zigzag. Single plank or double plank installations are the most popular but you can use more planks if you will. The other way for zigzag is a 45 degree angle where each line looks like fishbone (another name for herringbone). Very often herringbone engineered wood flooring is also installed in squares that sometimes feature a line of planks going in a different direction.

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