How Event Organisers Use Smarter Surfaces


Event Feedback Wall

Create a large event feedback wall where visitors can write their comments on the show throughout the day. As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. You can also use these comments throughout the day to feed your social content of what is going on and what people are saying about the event.
Position your feedback wall at exit doors or along corridors – anywhere with foot flow.
To create your feedback walls, just use our whiteboard paint in white (touch dry in 5 hours, ready to use in 5-7 days). 

Encourage Interactivity

As an event organiser, you know that any area of interactivity draws a crowd. (It’s worth repeating twice!). Using a map of the area you expect your show visitors come from, apply just one coat of our transparent whiteboard paint on top, and hey presto you have a write-on wipe-off surface.
Invite show visitors to mark where they have travelled from on the map. People love to write on walls and it puts a smile on their faces.
To create your “where do you come from” walls, just use our whiteboard paint in clear (touch dry in 5 hours, ready to use in 5-7 days).

Visual Storytelling

Smarter Surfaces was asked to capture the talks at the very first TedX event in Dublin. We had a fantastic day, loved all the talks and our visual storytelling was a huge success. Thanks to the Science Gallery Ireland for inviting us.
So we created large whiteboard writing areas. We engaged visual artists. These people are seriously talented. They can listen to a speech in real-time and instead of taking minutes in a traditional way, they summarise what the speaker is saying in pictures. Truly awesome!
Check out this picture of visual artist Philip Barrett capturing some of the speeches on the day.

To create your whiteboard surface, just use our whiteboard paint in white (touch dry in 5 hours, ready to use in 5-7 days). If time is of the essence, use our whiteboard wallpaper (ready in 24 hours, as soon as wallpaper adhesive is dry).

Attract a Crowd

This one is simple. We just positioned our large whiteboard surfaces along central areas of Tedx in Dublin. When people came out of the auditorium after talks or during breaks, they were pleasantly surprised to see the visual stories of what they had just heard.
This was a real crowd puller and something most people have not seen before.
Fast forward you talks into the 21st century with visual story telling.

Offer Writable / Magnetic Booths To All Exhibitors

At the World Creativity Show in Belgium, every exhibitor was offered a magnetic and / or writable surface as part of the exhibitor offering.

To create your whiteboard or magnetic walls, choose one of our wallpapers. Apply just like any wallcovering. Use standard adhesive for whiteboard wallpaper and heavy duty adhesive for magnetic wallpaper.

So what are you waiting for ? Give your next event some oomph with Smarter Surfaces truly innovative paints and wallcoverings.

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