How Teachers Can Use A Dry Erase Surface In Their Classroom


Thinking about adding a dry erase surface to your school or classroom? Having a large space to work on isn’t just a beneficial addition for students, teachers can also change the way they plan lessons, organise their work and can even make learning more enjoyable.

In the post below we will outline some of the ways teachers can use a dry erase surface that can benefit them and what products they can use to create it. Keep reading below to find out more about how you can use a dry erase wall.

How To Use A Desk As A Dry Erase Surface

Your classroom is full of desks I’m sure, but imagine how beneficial it would be to transform each individual desk into a dry erase surface. Writable desks can keep students interested and engaged in their lessons. How much easier could it be for teachers if students wanted to actively be involved in their studies?

Writing on the whiteboard desk can also reduce the amount of work teachers need to bring home with them. The students simply write out their answers on the desk and teachers can mark it in class. This means that by adding a dry erase surface you can make your life, as the teacher, much simpler.

Students will always make mistakes usually these would be written down in notebooks and would involve a lot of crossing out and trying again. This would leave workbooks incredibly messy and make it harder for teachers to read and mark the work. Now with each student having their own dry erase surface to work on notebooks can be kept clean and only used to keep track of the right formula or answer.

Teachers can also learn who is struggling behind as class progresses and without having to draw attention to the student.

With a dry-erase surface, like a writable desk you, as the teacher, can jot down important notes from throughout the day or once the kids leave, use it to draw out lesson plans for the following day or week. It’s also pretty fun to use.

Create your dry erase desk with either Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear or White or if you are interested in an instant solution to opt for Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film in White, Clear or White -Low Sheen.


How To Use A Wall As A Dry Erase Surface

Or, if writable desks just aren’t you thing, why not transform one of your classroom walls into a dry erase surface. An even better idea is transforming all of them.

One of the concerns we’ve heard from some of our education customers is that traditional whiteboards are often limited in size. This means that since students come in all sizes they aren’t able to use the board the same way.

By transforming your classroom wall into a dry erase surface you’ll have endless space for your students to use. No matter what size they are they’ll have a space to write on your dry erase surface. No longer do students need to be signalled out to go up and write on a whiteboard. Have a whole group of students working on a problem together at the same time at your whiteboard wall.

You won’t need to worry about technology failing before or during a lesson. No waiting around during setup. Instead, everything will always already be ready.

How To Turn A Wall Into A Dry Erase Surface

It’s easier than you think to transform your classroom wall into a dry erase surface and you have plenty of products to choose from.

Why not opt for Whiteboard Paint? It comes in both white and clear options and can easily be applied just like any paint to your wall. This product is environmentally friendly and LEED-certified which means you can apply and use this product safely.

If you aren’t interested in using paint to create your dry erase wall, why not opt for a whiteboard wallpaper? Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper is a non-ghosting product that will turn any wall into a dry erase surface. This product is easy to apply and can be used 24 hours following application.

Interested in having a projection surface too? We have a wallpaper for that. Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper- Low Sheen is a whiteboard and projection wallpaper that can create the ideal multi-functional surface for your classroom.

Think to add a dry erase surface to your classroom might be the right choice for you? Then check out more on our whiteboard products here.


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