How To Use A Magnetic Wall In Your Office



Are you considering adding a magnetic wall to your office? It’s an extremely useful tool that can help increase project planning and make organisation easier.

There are plenty of products to choose from to create your magnetic surface too. Our range consists of Smart Magnetic Plaster, Super Magnetic Paint, Smart Magnetic Wallpaper and Smart Magnetic Paint.

Check out some of the main ways our customers make use of a magnetic wall in their space for some inspiration.

See things at a Glance On A Magnetic Wall

Let’s start with the most obvious yet most popular use of a magnetic wall. Simply stick anything you want to the wall so you can see it at a glance.

Some of our customers use their magnetic wall for sticking up to-do lists, project plans, storing contact details for people and lots more.

You can declutter your desk and make it free from notes and post-its by getting all your reminders on your wall.

Display Sales Figures For All To See

Larger organisations may have real-time monitors displaying sales performance for all to see. For smaller companies, why not use your magnetic wall to update the daily target. Members of your sales team will be able to see exactly how close they are to their monthly or weekly target and can update their numbers at the end or beginning of each day.

It takes just seconds.magnetic-wall-paint-office-planning-magnetic-wall

Make Magnetic Calendars And Social Media Planners

People use online and mobile phone calendars to manage their time. However, nothing beats seeing your daily or monthly schedule up on a magnetic wall. No fumbling for phones, switching between work and personal calendars. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

A magnetic wall is also an interesting way to plan and schedule your social media content.

It’s easy to convert a large wall into an entire magnetically receptive surface which is so convenient for scheduling social media content for up to 31 days!

Stick up photos of images we plan to use, and content too. It’s very easy to see the breadth and variation of content throughout the month in this way.

To create a magnetic wall in your office, just choose from Smart Magnetic Wallpaper, Super Magnetic Paint, Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Magnetic Paint.

Why Not Create A Magnetic Customer Wall?

Sometimes it helps to give employees some inspiration. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a customer logo wall with your magnetic space.

By keeping your interesting customers in one space you’ll inspire your workforce to actively gather more customers to add to the wall. It also looks impressive to any potential clients or partners who are visiting your office.

If they see you are working with some large and interesting companies they may be more interested in working with your company.

Increase Office Organisation With A Magnetic Wall

Are you tired of important documents and contact details getting lost in endless piles on your desk?

Rather than wasting so much office space on bulky storage units, why not use all of the open wall space you already have?

Use your magnetic wall to boost your organization and go clutter-free. Stick up documents and contact information on your walls so that the most important information you need is right there in a second’s notice. With magnetic walls, you are never limited by space.

Best of all, you can easily switch up what you have on your magnetic walls each day depending on the projects you’re working on.

Decreased clutter and increased office space are only the beginning of what magnetic walls can do for your office.


Change Your Environment with Magnetic Walls

When you’re spending most of your day in the office, plain walls can get a bit boring. Magnetic walls give you the opportunity to easily change your environment and add something fun to the workday.

Why not dedicate an area to photos from staff nights out? How about using magnetic letters to write a new quote up on the wall each day?

You could even surprise a colleague on their birthday with a wall dedicated to them. Everybody can stick up their favourite photos and memories with their colleague for a birthday they surely won’t forget.

The possibilities really are endless.

Just doing little things like these every day are a great way to boost office morale and keep things new and fun.

Get Up and Move in Your Work Day

One of the worst things we can do for our health is to sit down all day. Yet, in a traditional office environment, this seems almost unavoidable. With work hours combined with commuting, there just has to be another way. Well luckily, there is.

Having an office magnetic wall is a great way to get people up on their feet and moving while they work.

By doing something as simple as adding a magnetic wall to your meeting room, you can encourage your staff to become more active and engaged during meetings.

You could even designate a magnetic wall to each department.

Not only does this allow department members to easily collaborate and keep their documents in one place, it encourages them to get up and speak face to face as opposed to communicating only by email.

An active office won’t just promote individual health, but overall office productivity and a positive work environment. These are just a few ways that magnetic walls can benefit your office space and make the office life much easier for you and your staff.


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