Interior Designs Perfect with your Waterproof Flooring

Big Modular Sofa

As living rooms are the family’s area for relaxing and having fun, some would argue a great sofa is the most important piece of furniture, which is why modular sofas are a great choice fulfilling all your needs. The Deep Blue A room which is coated in an interesting, deep blue will always attract others’ eyes. Blue is a soothing colour.

Mix & Matchstyle

Vintage tables and contemporary seats can be awkward pairing to some, but it can underline the most interesting features of each piece. Marrying old and new with a classic looking waterproof flooring can create contemporary chic vibes on your kitchen or dining area.

Wood Color Window Frames

Why do women wear eyeliner? It attracts other’s gaze and their eyes pop. Just think of wood colour window sashes as the same tool for your windows’ appearance; these will make the entire room look more elegant.

Modern Minimalist Tub

Bath time can sometimes be a me-time, turn your bath into a spa-like experience with a modern white tub. However, in choosing floor to put in the room, it’s important that the material should be water-friendly, thus waterproof flooring is recommended.

Books as Decoration

Being surrounded by books can always sooth people. Books preserve memories of the stories that have touched us and remind us of who we want to be. Hence, books can be a great piece of decoration.

A Taste of Geometry

Geometric hexagons and honeycomb shapes are popular. It is the perfect presentation of modernization and geometry.

Four-poster Beds

For those that want to live out a childhood dream of owning a princess’s bed, these types of beds are making a comeback. A vintage looking vinyl wood flooring will help boost that character feel the bed brings in.

Pale Driftwood on Roof

The light color boards create a vintage look in your home, fitting perfectly with a trending grey Vinyl Wood Flooring.

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