Looking for Flooring Options for Your Bathroom? Try our Waterproof Flooring!

Above all the other rooms at home, bathrooms will always be considered as a special case, it is the area of the house that is frequently exposed to water and moisture, making it prone to hygienic issues and damage.

And when it comes to flooring, you will want something that is practical, easy to care for with the look you are aspiring to!

Bathrooms should not be singled out because waterproof flooring can be installed in all kinds of rooms. Here’s how FirmFit can help you achieve your bathroom goals.

FirmFit offers the best flooring solutions for your bathrooms because of its waterproof characteristics, when we say it is waterproof, we mean it. With the moisture only reaching the surface of the floor, the chances of getting damaged will now be down to a minimum.

On top of that, our luxury vinyl flooring also takes care of your well-being. FirmFit waterproof vinyl flooring features a special anti-bacterial coating to protect against harmful elements. This is very important in an area where the development of bacteria is the fastest and need for hygiene is most important. In addition to that, our products have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to protect from health hazards.

Speaking of bare feet, FirmFit vinyl wood flooring is more pleasant to walk on, as the floor’s surface is softer and warmer compared with ceramic or stone tiles, making your first bathroom visit in the morning much easier. So, go ahead and walk inside your bathroom without the need to find your slippers; FirmFit got you covered!

Aside from protection against moisture damage, FirmFit flooring is also known for its strength and durability. It is extremely stable thanks to its limestone-based core, a high-density material that offers superior dimensional stability, heat and sunlight resistance and toughness to indentions.

And believe it or not, vinyl flooring is considered to be more durable than engineered hardwood. Vinyl planks are up to the challenge especially in rooms with heavy foot traffic and exposure to liquids and humidity. Humid conditions in bathrooms may lead to swelling or warping of hardwood. FirmFit is waterproof and unlike other plank floorings, is not affected by humidity and it works well with underfloor heating.

Sure, we fully emphasized FirmFit’s strength against impacts and heavy static loads, but its elegant designs are also top of the line. FirmFit offers a wide range of collections to choose from. If you prefer the hardwood look, no need to worry, FirmFit’s deep structured decorative layer offers the same hardwood look and feel with better protection against water damage.

Bathrooms should never be left behind in terms of interior design; it should be at the same level as the other rooms. We understand that aesthetics is as important as the quality that is why you should never compromise.

What’s more, is that it requires less of your time for maintenance, it is incredibly simple to look after and keep clean. You can simply do so by sweeping the floor, just make sure that the equipment is vinyl-friendly. Plus, it is safe for wet and steam mops making it easier to wipe it clean in a jiffy.

Damage may be inevitable, but you don’t need to replace the whole flooring. Just detach the affected plank and replace it with a new one. To give you a better understanding of how to care for your vinyl floor, FirmFit also provides a helpful maintenance guide to make sure your flooring stays new and looks as good as the day it was fitted.

Improving your home may be fun but it is easier said than done. There are a lot of things to consider from the materials to be used to the appropriate style to be created. It may be easier to modify some rooms but there are parts of your home that needs special attention, like the challenge of changing your bathroom floor.

Therefore, it is better to think long term when it comes to upgrading your bathroom floor. Our waterproof flooring is a perfect fit for your bathroom because not only do you get quality flooring, you can also avail of our services. Turn to waterproof flooring and transform your bathroom into an expression of your own style! Give it a try and watch your guests be amazed by the transformation.

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