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Product tips: Flooring - what, where and why?

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
​​​​Quick guide to the most common flooring options.

Do you know that clients who have a whole spectrum of the product and are encouraged by sellers to make fact-based decisions are longer satisfied with their purchase? Let us help you out and give you a quick guide to the most common flooring options.
What? Laminate flooring
Where? Great for both residential and commercial application such as apartments, serviced apartments and hotel rooms.
Why? Offers the best price to quality ratio of all flooring solutions. Durable and resistant to scratches, so works well in heavy traffic areas. Much more affordable in comparison with rigid vinyl and engineered wood.
What? Rigid vinyl flooring
Where? Perfect for commercial application such as serviced apartments, hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, gyms & fitness clubs, shops, beauty salons & spas.
Why? It’s water-resistant, so very easy to clean and maintain.Despite being considered as “plastic”, has no impact on indoor air quality. Offers better sound absorption properties compared to laminate or engineered wood.
What? Engineered wood flooring
Where? Ideal for residential and light commercial areas such as lofts,houses, villas, executive offices and executive lounges.
Why? It’s a very luxurious flooring option that brings up the value of the whole property. It offers unique looks and can last long if maintained properly.