2-In-1 Wall Covering Projector and Whiteboard

2-In-1 Wall Covering Projector and Whiteboard

Enjoy the benefits of a projector screen with high performance yet low sheen surface, which is also dry-erase – all in one innovative product.


Projector & Whiteboard Solution

Smart 2-in-1 Wall Covering: Projector & Whiteboard (10m2 ) allows you to transform smooth walls into dry erase projection surfaces, in just one easy and quick installation.

Enjoy the benefits of a projector screen with a high performance yet low sheen and dry erase surface – all in one innovative product.

Performs just like a whiteboard and projector screen, with no size limitations.

  • Apply with Smart Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive in order to guarantee the best possible application.
  • Reduces hot spotting while maintaining the write-on wipe-off performance
  • Hang vertically, horizontally and even on curved walls
  • All of our wallcoverings have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire

Suitable for: presentations, designing, planning, speeches, teaching, training and meetings.

Use when: reviewing and planning websites, software, brochures, brainstorming, planning and scheduling, project management, lean management, team meetings and collaborating.

Smart 2-in-1 Wall Covering is suitable for use with most projectors, including interactive projectors.

For high definition or very powerful projectors, we recommend choosing Smart Projector Screen Paint instead.

  • 10 Year Guarantee
Smart Projector Dry Erase Wallcovering Yes
Microfibre Cloth Yes
Wallpaper Adhesive Get it here
Roller Handle No
Roller Sleeve No
Sanding Block No
Stirring Stick No
Latex Gloves No
Surface Sticker Yes
Application Guide Yes
Product Collection Collaborator
Product Functionality Projector & Whiteboard
Product Type Wallcovering
Product Finish Low Sheen – Dry Erase
Product Colour White
Dimensions 5m² = 1.22m x 4.12m / 10m² = 1.22m x 8.25m
Primer Only on very absorbent surfaces
Application (coats) N/A
Installation Difficulty Professional
Odour No Odour
Ready To Use 24 hours
Time of Installation Fast
Magnetic Strength N/A
Free Delivery Applies When you buy one
Product Guarantee 10 Years

Can Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering be applied on any surface?

Yes, this wallpaper can be applied to any reasonably smooth surface and even curved surfaces. (Absorbent surfaces should be treated with Smart White Primer before application).

What should I use to apply Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering?

Hang like any wallcovering. Use a ready mixed wallcovering adhesive and apply to the wall using a roller. Use a second coat of adhesive if required.

What direction should I hang the wallcovering?

You can hang it horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. If you only wish to cover a portion of the wall, we recommend hanging horizontally, beginning half a metre off the floor.

How do I remove the wallcovering?

Simply remove like any other commercial wallcovering.

What type of markers can be used with Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering?

Any quality dry erase whiteboard markers can be used.

Projector & Whiteboard Solution

We have just turned one of our offices into a meeting room. We wanted something a bit different and found Smarter Surfaces. The service we received from the team at Smarter Surfaces was great and the products turned up super quick! The wall is now being used to enhance the productivity of the meetings that take place in the room. We would definitely recommend Smarter Surfaces products.

B My Office

We use your products on a daily basis and we’re very happy with their quality. I couldn’t imagine going back to using a classic paperboard now. It’s really easy to use, we have daily brainstorming sessions with the team here in Bucharest and we couldn’t do it without using the smart walls anymore. All I can say is this: if every company had a Customer Care service like yours, there would be a lot of happy customers out there.

Ding Romania

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