Vienna Ergonomic Desk

Vienna Ergonomic Desk

Height adjustable desk with a Height Range of 710-1210 mm Load Capacity 70 kg- 2 stage motor with Control Box ,Digital 3 programmable positions, up /down switch with digital height display and time reminder.



Table Top

High pressure melamine-laminated Particle board with wood grain. Edging in PVC with all corners and edges rounded.

Robust and stable construction

Designed for maximum structural integrity, Double steel tubing that ensures stability even at its highest. Thicker and more durable powder-coated seamless surface resists scratches, water, and stains.

Control panel keypad

3 programmed position reminder including up/down toggle buttons.

Anti-Collision System

During height adjustment, when tabletop comes in contact with another object beneath, it instantly stops and reverses to avoid damage.

Low noise while running of Under 50 dB in running mode.
Load Capacity: 70 kg
Adjustable heights between 710-1210 mm
Max. Speed: 20 mm/s

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