Smart Office Film Dry Erase

Smart Office Film Dry Erase

Transform any piece of office furniture into a writable surface with self-adhesive Smart Office Film: Dry Erase White.

Whiteboard Solution

Our commercial performance films are self-adhesive so you can apply them quickly and use immediately with no odour or mess. Smart Office Film Dry Erase (White – 10m2 ) comes with a no ghosting guarantee.

Measure your surface area. Choose the total product quantity to cover this area.

Smart Office Film allows you to provide whiteboard functionality to any smooth piece of office furniture. Desks, wall partitions, panels, lockers – even glass -can be transformed into writable areas.

Smart Office Film: Dry Erase White is ideal for those looking to add functionality to office furniture. Optimise the desks, lockers, panels and doors you already have in your workspace or school to increase productivity, teamwork and overall collaboration.

  • Add functionality to any smooth surface
  • Installation takes minutes and can be used immediately
  • No ghosting guarantee
  • Creates a modern working environment
  • Go paperless and become environmentally friendly
  • Use with all quality whiteboard accessories
  • 5 Year Guarantee
Smart Office Film: Dry Erase (White) Yes
Micro-fibre Cloth Yes
Roller Handle No
Roller Sleeve No
Sanding Block No
Stirring Stick No
Latex Gloves No
Surface Sticker Yes
Application Guide Yes
Product Collection Communicator
Product Functionality Whiteboard
Product Type Self-adhesive Film
Product Finish Gloss – Dry Erase
Product Colour White
Dimensions 5m² = 1.22m x 4.12m / 10m² = 1.22m x 8.25m
Primer Not required
Application (coats) N/A
Installation Difficulty DIY / Professional
VOC No VOC / Solvents
Odour No Odour
Ready To Use Immediately
Time of Installation Fast
Magnetic Strength N/A
Free Delivery Applies When you buy one
Product Guarantee 5 Years

What surfaces can I stick Smart Office Films to?

Any smooth, non-absorbent and clean surface. Consider furniture, desks, glass, lockers, tables and doors. These films are designed for commercial interior use in workspaces and classrooms.

Self-adhesive Whiteboard Films are 15mm thick therefore we recommend applying them only onto perfectly smooth surfaces. If you’re looking for a product to apply onto a wall, check out Smart Whiteboard Paint or Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper.

How do I stick Smart Office Films to my surface?

All Smart Office Films are self-adhesive, with a removable backing. You do not need to buy extra adhesive.

How soon after application can I use this surface?


Do I need extra equipment for installation?

Use a micro-fibre cloth to press the film down to the surface and to eliminate any air bubbles.
Use a razor or sharp knife to cut the edges to fit your surface.

What accessories can I use with Smart Office Films?

For dry erase surfaces, use quality dry erase markers.
Your product pack contains a micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

Whiteboard Film Reviews

If you want a whiteboard surface in a hurry, this is amazing.

Now we have it on one desk, we keep thinking of other places to use it. We can transform our entire office with this.

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