Super Magnetic Paint

Super Magnetic Paint

Transform your surface into an extremely high performing magnetic area with Super Magnetic Paint.


Magnetic Solution

Transform your surface into a high performing magnetic area with Super Magnetic Paint (10m2 / 107ft 2). Create magnetic walls and areas with this specialist paint.

Super Magnetic Paint is guaranteed to perform as a high-level magnetic product for 10 years.

Use for scheduling and planning at work, for notice boards, interactive teaching and learning at school, and for displaying information and playing at home. There is no end to how you can use a super strong magnetic wall.

Get the finish of your choice. Topcoat with any digital print, wallpaper or coloured paint to match your environment. Add whiteboard as well as magnetic functionality by top-coating your magnetic wall with Smart Whiteboard Paint or Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering.

  • High magnetite content
  • Stir well before use
  • No VOC or Solvents
  • Low odour
  • Grey finish (due to magnetic content)
  • Top coat with any wallpaper, digital print or colour of your choice
  • Use only with Smart Neo-Magnets or rare earth magnets
Super Magnetic Paint Yes
Micro-fibre Cloth No
Smart Neo Magnets Yes
Roller Handle No
Roller Sleeve No
Sanding Block No
Stirring Stick No
Latex Gloves No
Surface Sticker No
Application Guide Yes
Product Collection Connector
Product Functionality Magnetic
Product Type Paint
Size 5m²
Product Finish Matt
Product Colour Grey
Dimensions N/A
Primer Only on very absorbent surfaces
Application (coats) 4 Coats
Installation Difficulty DIY / Professional
Odour Low Odour
Ready To Use 24 hours
Time of Installation Depends on surface area
Magnetic Strength Strong
Free Delivery Applies When you buy one
Product Guarantee 10 Years

How strong is Super Magnetic Paint?

With 60% magnetite content, compared to 50% in Smart Magnetic Paint, this is our strongest magnetic paint product. (Smart Magnetic Plaster offers 67% magnetite content and is designed to smoothen rough or poor quality surfaces). Our tests reveal that Super Magnetic Paint holds 6 sheets of A4 sheets of 80 gms paper, a 20% increase over Smart Magnetic Paint.

What colour is Super Magnetic Paint?

This paint is grey in colour due to its magnetite content.

Can I put any paint colour of my choice on top of Super Magnetic Paint?

Yes, but due to the dark grey colour of this magnetic paint, you may need to apply more than one coat of the colour of your choice. We recommend using a Primer for a smooth white base to reduce the potential number of coats of your chosen top colour and also if your top colour is a lighter shade of paint.

What type of magnets can I use with Super Magnetic Paint?

Smart Neo-Magnets or rare earth magnets should be used as these are the strongest available.

Super Magnetic Paint Reviews

I love that we have a magnetic wall with no frames or borders.

We painted 4 coats as instructed and are very happy with the magnetic performance.

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