Whiteboard Wall Covering – White

Whiteboard Wall Covering – White

Turn any wall into a whiteboard surface in just one easy application with Smart Whiteboard Wall Covering. Hang like any wallpaper. Use just like any whiteboard.

Whiteboard Solution

Smart Whiteboard Wall Covering (10m2 / 107ft 2) allows you to turn any wall into a whiteboard surface in just one easy application. Hang like any wallpaper. Use just like a whiteboard. This is a high performance product which enables you to simply write on, wipe off effortlessly.

  • Apply with Smart Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive in order to guarantee the best possible application.
  • Performs just like a whiteboard, with no size limitations.
  • Transform any wall or room into a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area.
  • Hang vertically, horizontally and even on curved walls.
  • All of our wallcoverings have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire.

Suitable for: meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, brainstorming areas, war-rooms, business areas in hotels and conference centres and much more.

Use when: brainstorming with teams and clients, planning and scheduling, project management, lean management, presentations, team meetings, collaborating and designing.

  • Free Delivery
  • 10 Year Guarantee
Magnetic Dry Erase Wallcovering Yes
Micro-fibre Cloth Yes
Wallpaper Adhesive Get it here
Roller Handle No
Roller Sleeve No
Sanding Block No
Stirring Stick No
Latex Gloves No
Surface Sticker Yes
Application Guide Yes
Product Collection Collaborator
Product Functionality Whiteboard
Product Type Wallcovering
Product Finish Gloss – Dry Erase
Product Colour White
Dimensions 5m² = 1.22m x 4.12m / 10m² = 1.22m x 8.25m
Primer Only on very absorbent surfaces
Application (coats) N/A
Installation Difficulty Professional
Odour No Odour
Ready To Use 24 hours
Time of Installation Fast
Magnetic Strength N/A
Free Delivery Applies When you buy one
Product Guarantee 10 Years

What should I use to attach whiteboard wallpaper to the wall?

Use any ready mixed strong wallpaper adhesive.

How soon after application can I use this surface?

Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully dry.

Can Whiteboard Wall Coverings be applied on any wall?

Yes, even on curved walls.

What direction should I hang the wallpaper?

We recommend hanging horizontally to facilitate working at eye level. This will also minimise joints on writable dry erase areas. However, our wallcoverings can be hung horizontally or vertically.

What accessories can be used with this wallpaper?

Use this product just like a whiteboard. Choose good quality whiteboard markers and accessories, also available here.

Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering is very beneficial to our company. In our old office, we mainly used whiteboards. Once we had Smarter Surfaces products installed here, then we knew we wouldn’t need to take those over. These products look so much better, and due to covering a much larger area, they are more effective in the office. Before Smarter Surfaces products, we could never leave something on the wall as there wouldn’t be space for the next person to use it. Now, this is no longer a problem.

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Application of Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering took me less than 30 min. I am amazed at how quick it was and the quality is great too.

GSB Decorating Limited

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