Sneeze Screens – Stay Safe


As we get back to work and return back to the new norm; We recommend a simple product that is designed to keep you safe as you work.




This is a free-standing protective sneeze screen. An ideal solution to keeping your customers and colleagues safe. It is designed specifically to aid separation between all your existing working areas hence allowing you to adhere to the latest Social Distancing Guidelines. This transparent protection against the COVID virus reduces the risk of infection through airborne droplets. It is also aided by our Custom Fit Solution which ensures that the sneeze screens fit your workspace perfectly. Sneeze screens also help in ensuring safety if the minimum distance between persons’ cant be ensured.


#StaySafe with Antarc Workspaces

Amongst the health and safety aspect of the sneeze screens, they have many other complimentary benefits. They are easy to clean, process and install. Having the ability to customize the sneeze screens to fit the many areas of everyday life; they can be installed anywhere and everywhere.





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