Suitable Designs and Colours


Tarkett knows that quiet flooring in the right colour can positively impact learning. The study that Tarkett led on children’s perception of colour and space, confirmed the impact of colours on creativity and concentration and led to the development of four colour emotion groups — Basic and Natural, Fresh and Optimistic, Cool and Calming, and Warm and Inviting.


Indoor air quality and well-being are key for both students and teachers. It is achieved with the low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions below regulation and non-phthalate plasticizer technology flooring offered in Tarkett’s iQ, Tapiflex, Acczent and Safetred ranges.


The flooring material in the educational sector has to be clean at all times. Because of that, it needs to be non-porous and water-resistant to be extremely easy to maintain. Tarkett educational solutions feature the following characteristics:

  • smooth dirt doesn’t adhere to the surface;
  • reduces sources of contamination;
  • no specific cleaning protocol, just water and soft soap.

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