The Best Pet-Friendly Luxury Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

Having pets at home is where fun and responsibility overlap. You must feed them, bathe them and clean up their mess. Despite all of these, they give us a sense of fulfillment as they bring joy to our lives.

Our pets are wild creatures by nature; you can expect their instinctive habits kicking in from time to time. These habits can trigger possible damage in your house, especially the part that is most subjected to wear and tear: the flooring.

Hence when choosing a flooring solution, you should keep in mind how suitable and comfortable the flooring will be for both you and your pet. And FirmFit luxury vinyl is the perfect flooring solution for pet owners!

Playful pets will always run around and be as energetic as they can be. Chances are, our pet babies will drop items, bump your furniture and other things that may lead to accidents. Fur shedding can be a concern too as some vacuum cleaners can also ruin your floor. These are some of the situations that may put your flooring at risk of scratches and dents.

Scuffs Resistant

FirmFit offers the best waterproof vinyl wood flooring that is quality and pet-friendly. It is more rigid than standard luxury vinyl tiles. Its extremely dense core is limestone-based, giving you peace of mind before your pet’s next grooming and nails session. It’s also textured with a medium graining and a tough wear layer for durability, so you don’t need to worry about damage due to impact and heavy static loads!

Stain Resistant

Sure, it is resistant to scratches and scuffs, but what about pet excretions? Worry no more! FirmFit is waterproof and stain resistant; which means all the pet urine, vomit, muddy paws, and the occasional water bowl spills will not be a problem at all. The floor ensures 24-hour stain protection against your pet’s accidents.

Just go ahead with their usual bath schedule and expect no water damage will occur. Wet and steam mops are safe to use on our flooring; making the cleaning process like a walk in a park. Also, there is no need to research for special cleaning techniques for your floor. FirmFit provides a maintenance guide that is easy to understand and follow.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

On top of that, what makes our luxury vinyl flooring the best choice is its commitment to health safety. Our products are certified by the Green Guard Environmental Institute for its very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions; a chemical that is harmful to your health as well as your pets.

Also, FirmFit flooring has an anti-bacterial coating that can eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria; keeping you and your pets free from sickness caused by mould and mildew and the like. In addition to this, FirmFit product materials are recyclable.

Fit for All Rooms

And when we say the entire house, we mean it. FirmFit is perfect for all types of rooms in your home including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement and even sunrooms! Feel free to let your pets explore the entire house, even in extra sunny rooms. Our products have gone through high-temperature resistance tests and showed no signs of ‘lifting up’ or gaps at all; things that can be worsened by our curious furry buddies.

Easy to Install

Thinking if FirmFit flooring is easy to install? It is indeed! With its click and lock system, you can install it directly over most hard surface subfloors with no acclimation and it can be installed in large areas without transition moulds.


All these balanced with FirmFit’s stylish look with a variety of designs to choose from; styles that can mimic wood, stone, and ceramic, etc. With its deep structured decorative layer, you can be sure that it is pet-friendly and eye-catching at the same time.

Humans can always adjust, but it does not work that way for pets; you need to get to know their behaviour and work with it. What appears to be chaotic to you is normal to them, so patience is a virtue. You don’t need to work on this alone. FirmFit is ready to work side by side with you and take on the challenge of making your house a home for your pets. Our waterproof flooring solution is specially designed for the whole family, including our beloved pets.

Hurry up and get yours now! This is the perfect opportunity for home improvement. Make the shift to our waterproof innovation today! To learn more about FirmFit, please contact us or reach us through our social media accounts.

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