Top 5 Reasons Modern Offices Choose Smarter Surfaces

Our end-user base includes lots of really modern companies such as google, twitter, uber, facebook as well as lots of SMEs whose names might not be so easily recognisable.

So we thought we would put together a short list of reasons why cool, modern brands choose our products.

Openness and Collaboration

If your organisation is private about sales and financial performance, our products are probably not for you. If you work in an environment of closed or private workspaces, our products are probably also not for you.

If, on the other hand, your organisation values openness, sharing, collaboration, teamwork, and shared KPIs, it’s safe to say our products will help you work and communicate better.

Modern alternatives to decades-old work tools

Whiteboards, blackboards, magnetic panels and flipcharts have been around for decades. Undoubtedly, they have played an important role in office life for a long time. We say their time is up – and it looks like our customers agree with us.

Whilst blackboards and blackboard paint are enjoying a resurgence for a retro feel in restaurants and cafes and hostels, whiteboards, magnetic panels and flipcharts are outdated and ugly.

Use The Space Around You

Whether you work in a Fortune 500 company or modern start-up, or you are a junior school student or PhD university academic, our products will help you work and learn better.

Why limit yourself to even the biggest whiteboard, when you could have an entire whiteboard wall?

Why drill holes into a wall to mount a magnetic panel or board when you could just install magnetic wallpaper?

Our latest products, Smart Office Films, which are launching soon are self-adhesive films that you can stick to any smooth surface – consider desks, columns, corridors, glass, as well as walls and doors.

Transform any smooth surface that you already have into a magnetic, writable and/or project screen surface in one easy step.

Create More Work Hubs

You don’t need a meeting room to have a meeting. You don’t need a brainstorming room to brainstorm. With our products, transform corners, corridors. Transform any available space into a work hub with any of our products.

Our customers use entire corridors to share customer feedback (magnetic surface). They use corners in the office to create meeting hubs (whiteboard surface).

They use entire rooms for capturing manufacturing KPIs (magnetic and whiteboard walls). They use the back of doors in hospitals to help patients feel at home (whiteboard walls).

They use entire walls to for game nights on Friday evenings after work (projector walls).

Have Fun!

People enjoy standing up and working on walls. They love working in teams, sharing ideas and designing on really big walls.

Our products facilitate that. That’s why we love them. Smartify your walls with any of our products.

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