Turn Your Desk Into A Whiteboard Surface

Tired of cluttered desks?

Always losing important documents in the large mass of paper that gathers on it?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Why not turn your desk into a whiteboard instead? It’s easier and much more beneficial than you think.

Keep reading and find out for yourself.

Writable Desk Benefits

Save on paper with your whiteboard desk.

Instead just simply write down your notes directly onto your desk. You’ll be able to keep a note of important meetings, notes to remember and dates without using a single page.

You’ll be clutter-free and much more organised during your working day. A whiteboard desk doesn’t just look good it is also environmentally friendly. No more post its, no more scrappy sheets. It’s the future of office organisation.

Why stop at just your desk? Why not convert the whole office?

You can even have a whiteboard desk in your meeting room.

It’s the future of office organisation.

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How To Convert Your Desk

So, you want to convert your desk into a whiteboard.

You’re in luck, it’s easy to do.

With a whiteboard paint like our Smart Wall Paint, you can transform your desk into a whiteboard with just one easy application.

Step 1: Prime your surface.

It’s essential to prime your surface when using Smart Wall Paint in Clear.

Step 2: Apply your paint.

Now it is time to get ready to apply your paint.

But wait, won’t this be complicated. The answer is no.

We also have application videos for a number of our products. Check out the application video for Smart Wall Paint in Clear below:

Your whiteboard desk will be ready to use in just 7 days.

Why wait? Get the hardest working desk in your office today.

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below and our friendly advisors will assist you:

0733 503 500

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