Unique Patterns Of Chevron


Flooring is one of the most important elements of interior design that decides about the atmosphere and character of the entire space. If you are looking for the most elegant and original solution, we should go for chevron.

Engineered wood flooring chevron from Kaczkan offers the highest quality and unmatchable design that will fit to all kinds of interiors — from timeless classic to modern minimalism. Our chevron is available in different sizes and finishes.


Chevron pattern presented itself in interior design in late renaissance period and was popularised in castles and residencies of the wealthiest in baroque. This artistic pattern is closely linked to French style of interior design and the name describes slanted wooden roof. Nowadays, chevron comes back in its fresh and modern form and is widely used in apartments, villas and even executive offices.


Together with European brand Kaczkan, Antarc Interiors offers various types of chevron. All feature the highest quality of manufacturing, greatest finishes and timeless design that will create a very elegant interior. All planks are pre-finished during the production process which means that the end consumer can install it right away without any additional finishing works.

Multilayer engineered wood flooring chevron are made from European oak that comes from sustainable and well managed forests. Oak is a hard wood specie with good dimension stability and both features are enhanced by the manufacturing process. Different ways of finishing the product allows to maintain the natural character of oak wood.


Chevron 45 (also known as French chevron) features planks cut at the 45 degree angle. It is a very dynamic pattern that gives interiors a pronounced and original character. If you are looking for a more vanguard look, you have to combine French chevron with strong colours, designer furniture and distinctive accessories. If you decide to use more toned colours that would balance the dynamic pattern of chevon, you will achieve classic or modern look. French chevron will also act as a great base for fully luxurious glamour style.

French chevron is available in Antarc Interiors’ Beauty Of Nature (Design) collection. We have plenty of colours and finishes in two main sizes of 70 x 420 mm or 90 x 610 mm.

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