Using Functional Surfaces At Your Event

Have you got an event coming up? Want a way to keep your visitors engaged?

Consider trying functional surfaces. There are plenty to choose from, magnetic, dry erase and projection.

Check out some of the ways that we think you could include functional surfaces at your next event by reading below.

Create An Event Feedback Wall

Want to know what people thought of your event? Try an event feedback wall.

Interactivity always draws a crowd. A feedback wall will look great to anyone attending and also be helpful in discovering what elements of the event worked and what areas you need to improve on next time.

These are really powerful placed at your entrance or exit doors for visitors to quickly get that this is a modern event where their feedback and thoughts are important. It’s new too, and not something they will see at every other event.

Create your feedback using Whiteboard Paint in white, or if you need a whiteboard surface in a hurry to choose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

Content for Social Media

You can also use feedback and other comments to feed your social media throughout the event. People also like posting for photos beside Feedback or other interactive walls.

Create Interactive Areas

Install a world map and topcoat it in Whiteboard Paint Clear. Visitors will then be able to show you where they are coming from. In our experience, people always love to write on walls.

Even better, hire an artist for the day and have them draw up what has gone on during the day. It will draw attention to relevant areas within your exhibition and you can inspire people to get involved themselves.

Capture Talks and Lecture on a Whiteboard Wall

Check out these pics from TedX events where our products were used to allow graphic illustrators capture speaker’s main themes visually. Visual story telling is fantastic way to capture the main ideas from events. Visitors love them (and so did the speakers!).

High-quality Projection Areas

Create projection surfaces with Smart Projector Screen Paint and there are a dozen ways you can incorporate this into your day.

Have details on speakers projected up on the wall while they speak? Or a summary of what they are talking about.

If it’s a product launch, you can project images of the product or details on how you’ve reached this point in the process.

It can even be as simple as projecting a company logo on your wall. Whatever the event, having a projector screen can be really effective.

These are just a few of the ways you can use functional surfaces during your event.

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