Want A Whiteboard Surface? Read This First

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Does Size Matter?

If you want a very large whiteboard surface, then boards may be too limiting for you. The largest traditional whiteboards are difficult and expensive to transport, and might not fit your entire wall or office.

For the largest size whiteboard surface, consider using multiple whiteboards, or whiteboards that lock together. Consider whiteboard wallpaper. – it even goes around corners – or whiteboard paint. The advantage of this offer is that you can create a whiteboard area of any size or shape – with no limits.

What Colour Do You Want Your Whiteboard Surface To Be?

The classic and traditional colour for a whiteboard surface is …… white. But did you know you can have write-on wipe-off functionality in any colour? With our specialist whiteboard coating in a transparent finish, simply paint on this one-coat award-winning product. It works on any smooth surface in any paint colour, any wallcovering or even digital print.

So if you want to colour, choose whiteboard paint in a clear coating. If you prefer white, choose from whiteboards or whiteboard wallpaper.

Do You Want a Magnetic As Well As Whiteboard Surface?

You could choose a magnetic writable board. There are many to choose from. Boards can look outdated now, and some can easily stain or mark. They are limited in size and tend to have aluminium frames.

For a more modern look with no frames or boards, consider layering some of our Smarter Surfaces products. If your original surface is uneven or of poor quality, use Smart Magnetic Plaster as a base coat, and then top with our dry erase wallcovering. For a more cost-effective solution, choose Smart Magnetic Paint as a base and top with whiteboard paint in white.

Would You Like a Projectable Surface too?

No problem. With our 2-in-1 Wallcovering, you get a commercial grade wallcovering on a role that you can both project onto and write onto.


How About A No-Ghosting Guarantee?

Let’s cut to the chase. Our Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering comes with a no-ghosting guarantee. We know that ghosting is the number one complaint people have about whiteboards. Once whiteboards get used, they can quickly look grubby and dirty. It may be difficult to remove stains or marks, especially those left for a long time on whiteboard surfaces.

For peace of mind, a no-ghosting guarantee will keep you and your users happy, day after day.

Glossy or Non-Glossy Finish?

Here’s the thing. A certain amount of glossiness helps with the “erase” part of “dry-erase”. If your whiteboard surface is fully matt, it will be harder to clean. Of course, some people are good at cleaning and maintaining their whiteboards but most of us are not. It’s easy to forget to clean your whiteboard surface at the end of the day, every single day.

For a glossy finish and an easy to clean whiteboard surface that comes with a no-ghosting guarantee, choose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

For a low sheen finish and dry erase functionality, choose our 2-in-1 Wallcovering that is both a projector surface and a whiteboard surface.

Smart Surfaces 8th June 2016


If the price is your primary concern, the good news is that you can get a whiteboard surface for not a lot of money these days. Choose re-usable whiteboards sheets on a perforated roll such as Smart Whiteboard Sheets (not available in all markets) or similar products easily available on all online marketplaces.


So let’s summarise. Consider whiteboard surface area you need, how much it will get light or heavy usage? How do you expect it to be cleaned and maintained? What colour and finish do you want? Don’t stop at dry erase, why not add magnetic and or projectable functionality too?

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It’s really all about what you want.

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