What Is a Primer and Why Do You Need One?

How many of us really know what a primer is and why it is recommended in painting?

Our founder owned an interior’s contracting business before he came up with the idea for whiteboard paint (after a customer asked him to kit out an entire meeting room in whiteboards. He knew it would be ugly and expensive and thought there had to be a better way).

So who better to tell us about primers!

We asked Ronan, what is a primer?

A: A primer is a specialist coating of a paint that prepares the surfaces for topcoats of paint.

  • Seals the surfaces
  • Changes the colour depending on primer colour
  • Ensures adhesion of the topcoat

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What difference does using a primer make to my finished painted surface?

A: A primer seals the surface. For our products, where there is functionality in the surface – magnetic, dry erase and projector – it is essential that our coatings bond with the surface and do not get absorbed into the surface.

A primer will prepare and seal the surface before the topcoats go on.

Even for ‘normal’ paints with no functionality, priming the surface prior to painting seals it and prepares it.

If I didn’t use a primer, what would happen?

The topcoat may be absorbed into the underlying surface, causing performance issues.

The topcoat is not designed to hide marks or damage, so unless prepared and primed these will be visible through the topcoat

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How does a primer differ from regular white paint?

Regular white paints vary hugely in quality. Certain types can be highly absorbent. Our primer has been developed using the highest quality raw materials, ensuring great opacity, smoothness of finish and sealing performance.


So it seems pretty obvious that using a primer is a great investment in future-proofing your painted surface. They are not expensive and the pay-off seems worth it. You don’t even have to get out of your armchair, order our Smart Primer here.

And remember if you are transforming your walls into a dry-erase surface, it is essential you prime the surface first. You know why now…..

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