What is Engineered Wood Flooring?


Engineered wood flooring features three layers of real wood arranged in a modern cross-construction. Layered floor construction ensures the stability of the floor and allows to restrain the forces of nature. Top layer is made of hardwood veneer, middle layer of plywood, softwood blocks or HDF (high density fibre) and bottom layer made from softwood acts as a balancing layer. All layers are glued together during manufacturing process.

Engineered wood flooring with softwood blocks or HDF core is often called “3-layer” while engineered wood flooring with plywood core is called “multi-layer”. Because of this “layered” construction, engineered wood flooring is more dimensionally stable than solid wood flooring. In other words it will not contract or expand as much due to changes in humidity or temperature.


Engineered wood flooring is health-friendly. It is a perfect solution for homes resided in by allergy sufferers and children. Engineered wood flooring made of oak, ash, beech or tropical wood ionise the air and have a positive impact on the indoor climate. Furthermore, it does not attract dust and is easy to clean. The basic upkeep of the engineered wood flooring is by vacuum-cleaning.


Traditional engineered wood flooring is made with tongue and groove edge. These kind of engineered wood planks have to be glued-down or nailed-down.

Nowadays, more and more engineered wood flooring is made with easy to install click system (also know as floating installation). It is a quick and simple method that allows you to install the floor yourself, without having to employ an expert. The floor is also easy to be dismantled or re-installed.


We pay great attention to environmental protection and only source our wood flooring from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified suppliers. Our suppliers either own the forest or source their material from sustainable forests where every tree that is cut down is replanted with a new one. Moreover, our focus is on engineered wood flooring that limits the usage of the hardwood species that takes decades to grow.


Antarc Interiors works with several reputable suppliers from all over the world. Thanks to these manufacturers we can supply various wood species, have the widest selection of colours and finishes and provide the appropriate aesthetic quality and a long-lasting durability. Antarc Interiors is an exclusive distributor of following brands:

  • BARLINEK One of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood flooring with a production output of 12 million m2 per year. For many years now the company has been conducting its 1 for 1 programme — planting of one tree is co-financed for each purchased pack of Barlinek flooring.
  • TRIANGULO is the main exporter of tropical wood flooring in Brazil and the only one with own private and certified forest (160 000 acres). Company has a separate entity and warehouse in the United States — its largest market and sells to over 40 countries all over the world.
  • KACZKAN Family-owned business and one of the largest engineered wood factory in Poland. Kaczkan is mostly focused on special patterns like herringbone or chevron and is an OEM supplier for many international brands from Germany, Italy and UK.
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