Why Using Laminate In Commercial Environment

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A lot of users do not consider laminate flooring for their commercial areas. However, laminate flooring can most definitely be used in commercial settings and is highly favourable in comparison to other solutions. It is mainly because it requires minimal maintenance and withstands the heavy traffic that is associated with commercial places.


Laminate floors are rated for durability with the AC rating. AC ratings reflect the thickness of the protective wear layer that is used to make particular laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is rated from AC1 to AC6 and the higher the AC rating, the most durable the floor will be. For commercial application, only laminate flooring with AC rating higher than AC4 can be used.
Antarc is currently offering several Krono OriginalĀ® collections that are suitable for commercial use:

  • Castello Classic;
  • Vintage Long;
  • Floordreams Vario.

We encourage you to visit our showroom in Westlands (at No. 62 Muthithi Road) to find out more.

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